Immigrant Ship Records

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This is a collection of ship records of arriving Czechs that have connections to Rawlins County. Included are:

  • Rawlins County Pioneering Czechs arrived on.
  • Families that are ancestors of Czechs that eventually lived in Rawlins County (such as Cidlik, Spicka, Pallas).
  • Families that have close ties to Rawlins County Czechs (such as Psikal, Borek, Chapek, etc).

Not all came directly to Rawlins County, but probably settled in other Czech communities before coming to Rawlins County, communities like Brown County KS, Saunders County NE, Gage County NE, and Clay County NE.

Arrival DateNamesShip NameDepart/ArriveSource informationNotes
23-Jul-1858Forst - Anton, Magi, Marie, John, AnnaLouisianaBremen to New YorkShip list imageTies to Vap/Borek
31-Jul-1863Hrnchir - Anna, Joseph, Mary, Anna, Magdelen, Frank, CharlesGuttenbergBremen to New YorkShip list image
1864Kletchka - Cyril, Joanna, Mary, John, Antonestimated from "Hrenchir Family & Other Moravians of Brown Co, KS"Between 1861 (son born in Moravia) and 1865 (on KS state census)
29-Aug-1864Jesch - Joseph, Barbara, Veronica, Frank, John, ValentineNew YorkBremen & Southampton to New YorkShip list image
23-May-1867Mentlick - Joseph, Anna, Barbara, JosefaAtlanticBremen to New YorkShip list image
Sep-1868Pettera - Joseph, Catherine, Joseph, Antonia, Anton, Mary, FrankBaltimoreBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
7-Dec-1869Heble - Joseph, Mary, Joseph, James, Annie, CarlLauraBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
17-Nov-1874Dobry - Josef, Magdalene, Anton, Anna, Wenzel, Josef, John
Semrad - Josef, Anna, Frances, Maria, Frank, Anton, Carl
AmericaBremen to New YorkShip list image
31-Mar-1876Springler - Rudolf, Barbara, Bedrick, Josef, Antonie
Janousek - Peter
CimbriaHamburg & La Havre to New YorkShip list imageMrs. Barbara Springler was a Janousek
Rudolph Springler & Peter Janousek killed by the Cheyenne Indians on Oct. 1, 1878
20-Oct-1876Skolout - Anton, Helen, Joseph, Agnes
Janousek - Hynek, Marie, Joseph, John, Marie
Janousek - Paul, Marie, Marie, Vaclav, Frank, Elizabeth, Anna, Antoinette
Zajic - Anna
CimbriaHamburg & La Havre to New YorkShip list imageHynek=Egnac/Ignac/Enoch
Anna Zajic was a niece to Paul & Hynek Janousek
Egnac Janousek killed by the Cheyenne Indians on Oct. 1, 1878
Jul-1877Sramek - Wenzel, Catharine, Joseph, Wenzel, Frank, JohnOhioBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
17-Nov-1877Harvanek - Josef, Marie, John, Edward, Frank, Josefa, VincenciaHerderHamburg to New YorkShip list image
12-Oct-1878Skalka - John, Josefina, Florian, MaryDonauBremen to New YorkShip list image
14-Mar-1879Bartosovsky - Frank, Frances, Frances, Frank, Joseph, Elvin, Maria
Psikal - John, Fillipina, John, Joseph, Frank, Alois, Carl, Freidr
GellertHamburg& La Havre to New YorkShip list imagePsikal married into Malon (Vap) family.
15-Mar-1880Chvatal - Joseph, Barbara, Victor, CarolinaNeckarBremen & Southampton to New YorkShip list image
May-1880Cech - Frank, Frances, JohnRheinBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
19-May-1880Holub - Joseph, Anna, Frank, Josefa, AlbertBraunschweigBremerhaven to BaltimoreShip list image
16-Jun-1880Raiter - Frank, Joseph, Antonia, Antonia, LudwigHermannBremen to BaltimoreShip list imageAntonia was a Cidlik, so ties to Spicka (Skolout/Pochop), Chapek (Kacirek) & Waiss (Kacirek/Kantor).
8-Sep-1880Chleborad - FrankLessingHamburg & Le Havre to New YorkShip list image
13-May-1881Kacirek - Frank, Katerina, Frances, JohnMainBremen to New YorkShip list image
6-Jun-1881Spicka - John, Marie, Marie
Cidlik - Marie
SilesiaHamburg & Le Havre to New YorkShip list image
13-Jul-1881Cidlik - John, Mary, Anna
Chapek - Frank, Eleanor, Eleanor, Anton, Frances, Teresa, Catherine, Ludvik, Frank
CimbriaHamburg & Le Havre to New YorkShip list image
Nov-1881Kroutil - Frank, Catherine, Mary, Frank, John, JosephKolnBremen to BaltimoreShip list imageTies to Vap/Borek
08-Nov-1881Pitner - Wenzel, JosefaHohenstaufenBremen to New YorkShip list image
18-Apr-1882Faimon - John, Josefa, Frank, Anton
Faimon - Frank, Mary, Frances
SalierBremen to New YorkShip list image
13-May-1882Svoboda - Franz, Antonia, Ignatz, Franz, Josef, MariaAmericaBremen to New YorkShip list image
3-Jun-1882Chleborad - GracianSilesiaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
23-Oct-1882Vrbas - Joseph, Theresa, JosephWerraBremen & Southampton to New YorkShip list imageJoseph's wife's name is actually Frances, not Theresa.
May-1883Pallas - Frank, Frances, Frances, Frank, Marie, Caroline, AntonieAmericaBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
26-Jun-1883Zajic - Marie, Frank, Marie, Anton, Ferd, AntonieFrisiaHamburg to New YorkShip list imageMarie Janousek Zajic is sister to Paul Janousek
24-Apr-1884Horinek - Tomas, Anna, Joseph, Anton, Frances, Ignac
Gabriel - Marie
Vap - Ignac, Frances, Mary, Frank, Joseph, Frances, Josephine, Ignac
Vap - Bedrick (Fred)
Mazour - Charles
Hubl - Anton, Frances, Vaclav
Borek - Joseph, Frances, Helen, Maria, Emmalie, Josefa, Bozena
CaliforniaHamburg to New YorkShip list imageFrances Borek is sister to Ignac Vap
Bedrich is nephew to Ignac (not actually a son).
Ignac Vap & Frances Borek are siblings to Frank Vap that came over in 1886
Mazour is cousin to Vap.
Hubl is likely a cousin to Vap (via Kadlec line)
Gabriel is mother in-law to Tomas Horinek.
All were traveling together to Fairfield, NE.
2-Jun-1884Mazour - Frank, Marie, Marie, Frank, Alois, Josephine, JuliusIndiaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
14-Jun-1884Micek - Anton, Frances, John, Frank, Aloisie, Anton, Josephine, Emily
Bartosovsky - Charles, Anna, Josephine
Dozbaba - Joseph, Anna, Anton, Mary, Matilda, Ludmila, Antonia
PolynesiaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
28-Jul-1884Horinek - John, CyrilPolariaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
13-Oct-1884Prochazka - John, Antonie, Marie, Joseph, Frank, AntonieEiderBremen & Southampton to New YorkShip list image
21-Oct-1884Mazour - Ignac, Marie, Alois, Anton, Eva, Frances
Pavelka - Severin, Marie, Frank
CaliforniaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
8-Nov-1884Horinek - Anton, Marie, Anton, Antonia, Frances, MatthewAustraliaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
22-Dec-1884Melichar - Rud.CaliforniaBremen to New YorkShip list image
25-Mar-1885Kantor - Joseph, Frances, Frank, Paul, AnnaPolariaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
18-May-1885Pitner - Anton, Anna, Anna, VaclavPolariaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
28-Jul-1885Sis - Carl, Josefa, FrankRugiaHamburg & La Havre to New YorkShip list image
31-Aug-1885Souchek - Frank, Frances, Frank, Amalie, Joseph, Anton, Mary, AloisState of GeorgiaScotland to New YorkShip list image
24-Mar-1886Mazour - Method
Malon - Amalie, Anna
Bednar - Frank, Anna, Stanley, Mary, Joseph
PolynesiaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
3-May-1886Urban - Frank, Maria, Maria, Julie, Helen
Vap - Frank, Frances, Mary, Alois, Frances, Joseph, Ignac, Millia
Horinek - Frank, Frances, Frank, Frances, Mary, Rudolph
HuddersfieldHamburg to Grimsby, EnglandShip list imageThe German departure ship list has been found for the Hamburg to Grimsby England leg of the trip. Horinek naturalization papers say the ship was "Supery" from Hamburg to Montreal. We are still looking for those arrival records into Montreal.

My Urban notes - parents: Frank Urban & Maria Pester, children: Mary (Mrs. Elmer Chleborad), Julia (? marriage), Helen (nothing known)

My Vap notes - parents: Frank Vap & Fannie Naska (his 2nd wife), children: Mary (Mrs. James Cloe), Alois, Frances (Mrs. Frank Malon), Joseph, Enoch, Emelia/Minnie (Mrs. Joseph Pettera)

My Horinek notes - parents: Frank Horinek & Frances Nemec (his 2nd wife), children: Frank, Mary (Mrs. Frank Sis), Frances (Mrs. Joseph Bartosovsky), Rudolph
2-Oct-1886Chleborad - Anton, Frances, Tobia, Emil, Marie, Joseph, HenryRugiaHamburg & Le Havre to New YorkShip list image
7-Jul-1887Kopriva - Ignac, Joseph, Mary
Kundysek - Frank, Mary, Therese, Frank, Albert, Mary, Josefa
RhynlandAntwerp to New YorkShip list image
26-Apr-1888Dvorak - VaclavGellertHamburg & Le Havre to New YorkShip list image
9-May-1889Waiss - Frank, Anna, Victoria, Jacob, VaclavBohemiaHamburg to New YorkShip list image
22-Aug-1889Malon - Frank, AloisHermannBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
18-Jun-1892Matisek - Joseph, Anna, JosephColumbiaHamburg to Ellis IslandShip list image
11-Nov-1892Faimon - Joseph, Antonie, Marie, Josef, BohumilSaaleBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
21-Jun-1893Lupomech - Marie, Josef, Marie, JanHH MeierBremen to Ellis IslandShip list imageMarie is younger sister to Joseph, John & Frank Faimon.
17-Aug-1893Stupka - Frank, Frances, Frank, Olga, Frances, Matilda, AgnesStrassburgBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
29-Sep-1893Dozbaba - AnnaGothiaHamburg to Ellis IslandShip list image
26-Apr-1898Pochop - FrancesKaiser WilhelmBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
31-Oct-1899Pochop - RudolphTraveBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
19-Nov-1901Pochop - Anna, Joseph, Mary, Mary, Peter, Amalie, Mary, CledyKonigin LuiseBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
13-Mar-1902Novotny - Frank
Farnik - Frank, Ignac
KolnBremen to GalvestonShip list image
01-Apr-1902Borkovec - Amalie
Kvasnica - Bozena
Vap - Frank
BataviaBremen to Ellis IslandShip list imageAmalie Borkovec married Frank Sebor, then Frank Malon
Bozena Kvasnica married Alois Malon
This Frank Vap lived as a bachelor farmer in the Kearney NE area - probably a distant relative
04-Apr-1902Ryba - Hynek, Marie, Hynek, Marie
Ryba - Frank, Marie, Charles, Frank, Henry, Ignac
ChemnitzBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
09-May-1902Pester - Frank, Antonie, Klatylda, Marie, Tomas, Frantiska, Emilie, Zofie, Franz
Novotny - Frank, Marie, Marie, Vincencie, Josef, Tomas, Anezka, Frantiska, Ludmila
Farnik - Ignac, Frantiska, Frantiska, Antonie
CrefeldBremen to GalvestonShip list image
12-May-1903Kvasnica - Frank, Barbara, Emanuel, Method, Anna, Adolph, Vaclav, LudmilaKaiser Wilhelm IIBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image
3-Dec-1906Stehno - Antonin, Anna, Anton, Edward, Vincenc, Gustav, StanislawTraveBremen to Ellis IslandShip list image, Ship manifest
06-Jul-1907Vap - FrantiskaMainBremen to Ellis IslandShip list imageprobably a distant relative of Vaps
02-May-1909Borkovec - EmilieFrankfurtBremen to GalvestonShip list imagemarried Enoch (Ignac) Vap
Apr 1912Cahoj - JoePrinz Wilhelm (maybe KronPrinz Wilhelm)Kansas City Times article from 24-Nov-1983
Sep-1913Kanak - JosephNeckarBremen to BaltimoreShip list image
24-Jan-1921Suchanek - JeroslavCarmaniaLiverpool to Ellis IslandShip list imageConnected to Vap