Rawlins County Kansas Czech Histories

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This is a group project of the history of the Czech families that settled in Rawlins County Kansas.

In 1988, the Rawlins County Genealogy Society produced a wonderful history of Rawlins County Kansas (see Rawlins County Genealogy Website). We are not planning a replacement of that history. This is intended to be more of an update of the Czech history, trying to focus on the history of the Czech ancestors that blazed a trail to secure a better life for all their descendants.

We hope to collect all the stories, edit into a compilation and then publish it or otherwise make it available. Ideas we have are:

  • A section of surnames:
    • Focus on the history of each surname and the history of that family's settlement in Rawlins County.
    • Additional genealogy data is hoped to be added to the story to enrich the history.
    • Individual descendant family histories (such as in the 1988 book) currently aren't planned (but we remain flexible)
  • A section of other histories written by early pioneers.
  • Other helpful genealogy information, such as ship lists, other records.

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